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>> 3/18/09

Dogs frequently cause many problems for their owners through their love to dig. Every year thousands of dog owners are left wondering how on earth they can stop this all too common problem.

Stopping a dog digging is one of the toughest challenges any dog owner will face. Digging is a habit that dogs have had for many thousands of years, something that's difficult to break. If you are about to get a new dog and are worried about digging, make sure you don't get a Nordic breed of dog as these are the most determined diggers of all.

Some of the main reasons dogs dig include; boredom, lack of physical exercise, anxiety through separation, and desire to escape the yard.

Some logical solutions to stop dogs digging can be derived from the main causes of digging, If your dog suffers from boredom, get him some new toys; if he's lacking exercise take him for a run once a day; and if he is just trying to escape, you might be wise to leave him inside or on a leash when you're not there.

Maybe your dog just enjoys digging If this is the case, the tips listed below might help your solve the problem.

Don't allow your dog in the yard alone. You'll be able to eliminate digging immediately by doing this.

Plant tough and resilient types of plants throughout your garden. Use roses as your dog will stop digging after he gets a few pricks from their thorns!

Some digging deterrents come in the form of sprays and powders. Spreading these throughout your garden can work very well in some cases.

Get creative and booby trap your yard. Bury balloons that will pop when your dog hits them. In some cases this is enough to deter further digging.

If you are unsuccessful with the tips mentioned above you might want to consider setting aside a small section of turf for your dog to dig in.

Another option is to set up a special digging-box for your dog. This method requires minimal yard space and is easy to set up. It will work best for small dogs.

Keep your dogs feeling in mind when you are restricting the digging. Some dogs get a lot of enjoyment out of this pastime - where possible try to find a win - win scenario.

The tips mentioned in this article can in some cases totally eradicate digging, or at least minimize it. If you want to put an end to digging for good you may need to use a professional dog training guide to assist you. Check out the best seller listed below.

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