Dog Training for Newbies

>> 3/27/09

Bringing a new puppy into your home is a very happy occasion; but this can also be a stressful time, particularly if you have never had a dog before. There is a lot that you'll need to learn about caring for a dog.

The first step is to make your puppy feel safe and loved in its new home. Speak gently to your dog ad whatever you do, don't yell at them if they do something which is out of line. Yelling at your puppy can cause them to become afraid of you; this is something which can be difficult, if not impossible to remedy. It's better to take your new puppy for training as soon as you can after bringing your new family member home.

There are a lot of good reasons to train your dog; and it's not only your new puppy that needs some training, you have a lot to learn too! You have to learn all about how to care for your new dog, as well as what not to do with your puppy.

The need for training your new puppy will be immediately obvious once you bring them inside. Puppies have a lot of energy and they are prone to bolting around the house, knocking things over, chewing on everything and even peeing on the floor!

The commands and the way to tone your words will be an important part of the dog training classes. But quickly learning the tricks and by practicing as often as possible will avoid most of the damages to your home.

You'll need to walk your dog at least once (preferably two or three) times each day. Your dog has to learn to follow your commands so that they will walk without you having to yank on their leash.

Not knowing how to control your dog when you are out for a walk can lead to disaster. It's only natural for your dog to want to chase squirrels and other small animals but they will run into the street after them, which can be catastrophic.

Being struck by cars is one of the leading causes of death among household pets, especially dogs. These accidents usually happen because the owner is unable to control the dog using commands; this is one of the reasons why training is so important for your new dog; it could literally be a life saver.

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Pet vitality and well being is very important in order to have a fun and joyful pet. As a dog owner you should spend enough time and energy in teaching your pet and yourself the best ways to love and respect each other as you will hopefully be together for a long time.

Dog Training for Newbies by Jenash Muldavi

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