My Dog Behavior Advice for Aggression - 7 Effective Hints

>> 3/24/09

Everyone wants to offer their own point of view of dog behavior advice when it comes to aggressive canines. The fact is aggressive dogs are unsafe to be around. So, socialization for all pets is critical, right from the get-go. This point can't be emphasized too strongly.

My dog behavior advice is "begin at the puppy phase." Playful behavior is adorable, but vicious behavior must not be tolerated.

Here are seven tips to correct your dog's behavior.

1. Give rewards. Remember that your canine may have anything he desires if he is willing to work for it. Remember to award all impromptu positive behavior.

2. Control the food supply. After all food is such a highly-regarded commodity, it is necessary to make your canine realize you regulate this valuable asset.

3. Restrict petting. Petting, and the acknowledgment that goes with it, is a powerful reward for a lot of dogs and as such must be restricted in the same way as food.

4. Restrict praise. Praise can be another really valuable asset for which demonstrative dogs must be required to work. Praising a canine continuously waters down the importance of this otherwise much valuable declaration.

5. Use toys as rewards. The supplying of toys is a privilege for which "alpha" dogs must work.

6. Restrict activities. Games are fun, and as such should be rationed. You must to initiate all games and you choose when they are over.

7. Make your canine earn their freedom. Freedom is one of life's privileges and with privilege comes the need for social responsibility and respect.

My Dog Behavior Advice for Aggression - 7 Effective Hints by M.B. Bryce

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Do you need dog behavior advice for your canine's aggression? I offer a lot more tips and information about aggression and other dog behavior stuff. I have owned "man's best friend" for over 30 years! Having good tips and techniques is important when you need dog behavior advice.

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