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>> 3/17/09

Hopefully the risk is small of a stranger poisoning your dog's food. However, it doesn't hurt to prevent such an occurrence by teaching your Yorkie dog to refuse food from strangers.

To train the Yorkie my mom gave to the dog his favorite food to sneak. She rewarded the dog with great praise and gentle coaxing. The Great Dane enjoyed the attention mom was giving him.

A rubber bone is useful, or a hard old dog biscuit, or even an old slipper if that is all you have in the moment. As soon or even before you notice the Yorkie puppy chewing on valuable household furniture, give the puppy plenty of safe items to chew on.

After my mother scolded mildly the Yorkie dog while training him to resist sneaking food at the dinner table, she opened his mouth and took the meat away. She then gave it back, with much praise. I consider that a well-trained dog should drop what it is eating immediately on command.

I think if you are likely to leave your dog a lot with strangers, it is best not to teach it to refuse food from other people. Sustaining the Yorkie dog's life in this case is more important than protecting them from strangers with an ill-will, as this is less likely.

My mom had a Great Dane that chewed everything, and she wasn't very happy about this fact. My mom did was she had to fetch a piece of meat and the dog promptly snatched some. Mom took it away, and just as the animal was going to seize it she said 'leave' in a thunderous tone. Surprisingly, this dog sat back, astonished, and mom offered it the meat again, and repeated 'leave!' in an ordinary tone; the dog did not attempt to touch it.

Another friend's Yorkie sneaks food that drops on the floor at dinner time. This Yorkie sometimes whimpers for scraps of the owner's meal. Avoid if at all possible feeding your Yorkie table scraps, as Yorkie's stomaches are sensitive. I would rather resist a dog's whining and begging for scraps than pay a hefty veteranarian bill!

Sometimes after a Yorkie's adult teeth surface around six months the Yorkie's baby teeth will still remain. In this case the Yorkie will appear to have two rows of teeth, like a shark! Well, not quite like a shark, but the teeth look rather interesting. Most Yorkie's' baby teeth will fall out while they eat. The teeth are so small that the entire process will go unnoticed, even by the Yorkie. Often the Yorkie's teeth will swallowed with the food! This is not harmful to your Yorkie.

Chew Training By Isabella Gibby

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