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>> 3/4/09

A well trained dog can be a wonderful part of your family. A well trained dog fits well in your family if he understands the basic house rules regarding where he should go to the bathroom where he can and cannot lay, and what he can and cannot chew or eat. Establishing these rules can make owning a dog an easy thing. But its not only important what you train your dog to do; in order to have a healthy, long lasting relationship with your pet its also important how you train your dog.

A dog is incredibly sensitive and learns quickly who the boss is in your home. If a dog is trained with harsh words, yelling and hitting then he will learn to fear you instead of love you. You want to establish a bond with your dog, so that your dog will trust you as a loving caregiver. If the dog expects you to react with anger and physical punishment then you cannot expect to have a loving relationship with a dog who wants to be your companion.

Using positive reinforcement will not only establish a relationship of trust and bonding, it will also make all training more fun. If your dog picks up on the fun he will start doing his best to even please you more, making the training easier and faster.

Training your dog with positive reinforcement means that instead of punishing your dog when he does something wrong, you shower your dog with love and affection when he does something right.

Dogs perceive the lack of attention as a punishment in itself so whenever something does go wrong, just don't react to it. During training there are a lot of things that could go wrong, so instead of yelling or punishing your dog, you just don't pay attention to that mistake.

But when you see your dog go to the bathroom where hes supposed to, then shower him with love and affection. He will soon learn that doing his business outside pleases you and he will go out of his way to make it outside whenever possible.

When using the positive reinforcement technique it is important to set your dog up for success so there is going to be plenty of praise.

Positive Reinforcement training will give you fast results and if you want to learn the secrets to dog training go to DogTrainingSolutions.info to pick up your free copy of our dog training course.

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