Learn These 3 Dog Training Myths For A Better Life With Your Dog

>> 3/30/09

Number 1 - When a dog chews somethings it is because he is really bored or just trying to be spiteful.

Incorrect. This is one of the most common problems for people with dogs and affects most of them at some point. What is important to understand is that it is a dogs nature to chew on things and is very important in keeping their teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Allowing your dog to chew on something is also really needed when you have a puppy and they begin to teeth. The secret is to redirect any chewing behavior to something that is safe and acceptable for him to chew.

Myth 2. Your Dog will only understand you if you talk to and communicate with him in 'doggy' language.

Incorrect again, I find this a tough one to understand, but your dog knows you are not the same as him. You don't look like him and you don't smell like him. It is important however, to spend time reading your dog's body language. So for example, you know whether a bark is playing or it means there's an axe murderer behind you.

Also make sure that your dog sees you as the pack leader. Dogs are pack animals who will always obey the leader or Alpha dog. You need to be that leader.

Number 3 - Dog Training only happens when you are actually training your dog.

Wrong. You re actually training your dog when ever you are together. Your dog is picking up on your verbal and non-verbal cues all of the time.

If you spring up and run to the phone every time it rings, you are training your dog that it is OK to spring up and run around whenever he hears that ringing sound.

Another example would be when you are nervous when you and your dog are around other dogs, say when you are out for a walk. Your dog will pick up on this and 'train' himself to be nervous around other dogs. You can prevent this by being consistent in your behavior towards him and spending as much quality time together as possible.

Learn These 3 Dog Training Myths For A Better Life With Your Dog by Rachel Kears

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