The Advanced Obedience Training Guide

>> 7/6/09

Advanced obedience is to a dog is what putting down the toilet seat is to a man, it takes patient training but it can be done. Dog obedience training is one of the most rewarding experiences between a dog and his pet owner. You are not just doing yourself a favor; you are giving your animal a happier and fuller life. Obedient dogs are well-adjusted, self-assured and mentally quicker. You can be confident in his behavior even if you leave him alone with other people.

First and foremost in canine training is the establishment of hierarchy between you and your dog. You need to set your position as the leader early on. As soon as the dog understands this, the simpler it will be to train him. Neglecting to do so can spell trouble. There will be a struggle for dominance and aggressive behavior will ensue. Be strong and firm in teaching. When you see the beginnings of the alpha dog coming out, correct it immediately but do not be overly severe and mean to him.

Make your authority known by using a strong and sure voice. When you say Sit! gently guide him in the desired position firmly. Each command will take several tries, especially in the beginning. Progression from basic to more advance obedience training is relatively simpler once your dog recognizes the patterns you've set in your teaching sessions.

Operant Conditioning is rewarding your dog with treats or praise for correctly accomplishing the command. It is the single most effective way to train your dog; its what he understands. Praise your dog every time he does something right. Sometimes, this is easy to overlook but make the extra effort not to. Dogs get confused easily and recognizing good behavior every time will ensure that he remembers what is right.

Conversely, admonish the dog strongly for bad behavior committed. Correction should be done as he is making the mistake so he will understand that what he is doing is not good. Reprimanding the dog also draws attention to the difference between what is wrong and what is right. For example, he find dirt on the street and starts eating it. Scold him right then and there. Then bring dog food before him and encourage him to eat that instead. When he does, lavish him with praise.

To be able to progress in dog obedience training, keep sessions short and as often as possible. Be repetitive in your commands. Don't restrict teaching your dog during school time or certain hours of the day. Otherwise he wont feel like studying during summer vacation, so to speak.

Movie dogs awe you with the complexity of the stunts asked of them. But they all started with Sit. Begin with the basics and climb your way up. With patience and consistency, your dog will advance to more difficult commands like growl, leave it, fetch and attack. Use the same principles in how you trained him earlier and you will find success in the higher levels.

Now you are in possession of the secrets experts use in their advanced obedience training dog school. All you have to do is to find Fido and get on your way to doggie obedience success!

The Advanced Obedience Training Guide by Geraldine Dimarco

Geraldine Dimarco knows that dog obedience training is a invaluable tool for all pet owners. Available of your free access on Advanced Obedience today.

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