Door Darting Training - Train Your Dog to Wait

>> 7/13/09

Teaching your dog to “wait” is a good command that will not only improve his conduct, but may save his life.

One common problem that dog owners have is preventing them from running out the door. This can cause serious injury or even death from oncoming traffic.

“Wait At The Door” Training

Step 1: Have your dog sit (inside of the house) facing the door. The door should open away from you. Show your dog that a door does not allow him to exit.

Step 2: Say “wait” as you reach for the door. If your dog does not move, praise him and give him a treat. However, if he starts to move, say “No,” and sit him down again. Keep the correction positive, fun, and productive.

Step 3: Repeat the process, but reach only a few inches toward the door. If your dog remains sitting, then continue to add more length as you reach for the door. Your dog should stay sitting until you touch and move the handle. Reward him with a treat.

Step 4: Next, slowly crack open the door. Reward your dog if he sits still. If he starts to move, say “No,” and make him sit again. Repeat the process while opening the door more each time.

Step 5: Your dog should be listening well now. When you are able to open the door fully and your dog remains sitting, walk through it, turn around, and look at him. Wait about 15 seconds and return to the dog, rewarding him with a treat. Try walking through the door and calling your dog to “come,” as you stand outside. Give him the “sit” command along with a treat.

With enough practice, your dog will wait every time. Because of his training, his instincts will tell him to sit until he is given permission to walk through.

Door Darting Training - Train Your Dog to Wait by Hank Carter

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