So, You Want A Bulldog Puppy, A Guide To Understanding Bulldog Care

>> 7/20/09

When considering a bulldog for a pet, it is wise to understand that the responsibilities of caring for a bulldog will consume a great deal of your time. Bulldogs are active and need a lot of exercise, grooming, and cleaning on a regular basis. In order to make sure your bulldog has a happy and healthy life, you must commit yourself to a constant care routine.

As for the different bulldog types, you could do well with researching the different personalities of each. For instance, English bulldog puppies may have a different temperament than American bulldog puppies. It is best to understand the temperament of the type of dog you want before you get it.

Many people are under the false impression that bulldogs do not need a lot of daily exercise, this is not true. Bulldogs need exercise just like any other dog needs exercise, obviously not as much exercise as you would give an Alsatian for example, but enough exercise to keep your bulldog healthy. Find the rhythm that is good for your dog and never walk him just after a meal and you will find that your bulldog will be healthy and happy.

Bulldog ownership does have certain grooming responsibilities, which will keep your dog's overall health in good shape. Grooming bulldogs should be a routine that occurs one to two times a week to ensure that the coat remains healthy. If you groom your bulldog from puppyhood, you can teach him to sit relatively still while he's being groomed, which will make the grooming process a cinch!

With bulldogs, it is imperative that you understand the feeding requirements. While your bulldog is young and getting plenty of exercise, he will need to be fed about for times a day to ensure that he can grow strong and healthy. Bulldogs are very muscular and it takes a lot of protein and certain fats to maintain that muscle. As the dog becomes fully grown, you should reduce the feeding schedule to twice a day to prevent obesity.

Training a bulldog puppy can be difficult if you aren't consistent. The key is to keep correcting him until he understands what he is supposed to do. Make frequent trips outside and try not to use much physical correction with the pup, as they can be provoked easily. When lead training, it is recommended to use a lightweight chain collar. Many have found the choke chain collars are very effective with such strong-built pups.

So, You Want A Bulldog Puppy, A Guide To Understanding Bulldog Care by Bella Holly

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