Dog Agility Training - The Benefits For Your Dog

>> 7/25/09

A dog's happiest moment should be spent running, jumping, catching, and stretching; dog agility training can really help turn idle dogs into active dogs that age gracefully and happily. You might be surprised to learn that the hardest part is starting, but once you have started the sense of achievement as you and your dog progress is reward in itself. Dog agility training can be great fun for both you and your dog as it consists of high energy and quick thinking movements. Dog agility training has many benefits it can

• Transform an idle dog into an active one
• Increase your dogs confidence
• Improve physical development
• Allows for mental stimulation with its quick thinking movements
• Most of all is fun

How Does Dog Agility Training Work

Through verbal cues or body language given by the instructor a dog that is off the leash is guided through a range of obstacles. The trainer needs to be aware of the course and the order of the obstacles and the dog needs to focus on the trainer and the cues given by them to conquer each obstacle.

In an obstacle course you will find a variety of exercises such as

• Jumping through a tyre
• Running through tunnels
• Running up and down a frame
• Weaving through poles
• Jumping across barriers

Training your dog

When you begin to train your dog you need to take into consideration the dog's maturity.

Dog agility training can only begin when your dog reaches a certain maturity and can respond well to basic commands. Each dog has their own starting points, for smaller dogs which weigh less than 50 pounds you need to wait till they are 9-12 months old for large dogs you will need to wait till they are around 10-14 months. If you begin training your dog too early you are putting them at risk of causing serious injuries.

A Few Rules To Consider

• The first few times your dog goes through the obstacles, ensure that you go at the dogs pace and make sure that it is a fun experience for them.

• Ensure that your dog is under control and listens to your commands this will decrease any risk of potential injuries.

• Treats and happy talk to encourage your dog through the obstacles are a must. Keep the mood happy and positive.

• Reward your pet when they have reached a goal and have performed a correct action. Gradually teach each obstacle first and then join then together to form the course.

• If your dog does not want to participate do not force them, the sport is intended to be fun for both you and your dog. If your dog does not want to initially participate then stop and bring then back to it in a couple of days.

• Have fun and always end your training on a positive note.

Like everything we all need to start somewhere and your dogs agility training is no different. Having a positive attitude and guidance your dog can master the world of dog agility training.

Dog Agility Training - The Benefits For Your Dog by Gloria Morson

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