Ways And Means To Stop Dog Aggression

>> 7/7/09

There are many reasons that a dog might become aggressive toward other dogs. Some dogs might get nervous or fearful around other dogs. In other cases the dog is striving to be the dominant dog. In other cases, the dog is becoming aggressive since he is defending his territory.

There are also some cases that a dog can be taught by the owner to be aggressive rather than be socially interactive with other dogs. Other dogs are simply being protective of their masters who make them aggressive in a way and this goes for being sexually aggressive as well.


One way of stopping a dog aggression is by making sure that your dog is socialized as a puppy to other animals. Puppies should be permitted to play with other dogs that are well behaved and mature.

When this happens, they will learn the proper behavior that the older dogs have. They will also see that other dogs are okay and it is not a need to protect their owner from other animals nor is it a need to fight for their territory.

Another way to stop dog aggression when a dog starts to become aggressive is to address the issue immediately each time it happens. The dog should never be allowed to get away from this type of dangerous behavior. A head collar or muzzle can be effective while the dog is in training to stop dog aggression, but is not the solution to the problem in the long run.

Strict training is also one way to stop dog aggression so that the dog is tuned into the commands of the owner and not be focused on other animals. Remember that the attention of the dog is focused on the owner. This way, when the owner gives another instruction to the dog like sit or down, it would still comply regardless of the fact that there is another dog around.

The owner should also teach himself to control his anxious feelings and behavior, as small as it might be, so that the dog does not take a nervous cue from the owner. This can help to stop dog aggression since the dog always takes its cue from the owner.

Once the dog knows how to focus, he can be distracted by commanding your dog to find a treat when there is another dog around. This will help stop dog aggression because the dog being asked to find the treat will not even mind the other dog around him and this means that dog aggression is stopped even before it starts.

Ways And Means To Stop Dog Aggression By Andyl Hannerl

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