Boston Terrier Puppy Training: How To Train Your New Dog

>> 7/19/09

When you bought your new Boston Terrier you may not have realized what it would entail. There is dog walking, periodic feedings, and lastly the dreaded Boston Terrier puppy training. Thankfully, this particular breed is one of the easiest trained dogs available. They are highly intelligent and have the uncanny ability to pick up on the moods of those around them.

The Boston Terrier tends to be slightly aggressive towards others and it is important to get them familiar to strangers so they don't act hostile every time someone comes in your home.

When it comes to training it is important to begin from early on. Puppies tend to be steady with everything that they do. They eat, sleep, and probably go out all at the same time each day. Of course the best way to train them is to be constant in everything that you do.

Training your puppy

It's a fact that you will get upset during the training process, but it is important that you keep your cool in order to get your Boston Terrier to listen to you. If you are upset then they will pick up on it and be that way too. Be patient with your new puppy and encourage them along the way. Your enthusiasm will quickly rub off and they will be learning new commands in a timely manner. Consider your puppy's personality when choosing the method of training that you wish to go with. Some methods will work better than others depending on the dog. Research them thoroughly before deciding on one.

The crate method: This training is used for teaching your puppy to use the outside instead of the inside. You need to obtain a crate that is just big enough for your dog to be comfortable, but not large enough for the puppy to use the bathroom in the corner. Take them out both before and after the crate and eventually they will learn that they need to go outside. This method is a great way of teaching your puppy without using scare tactics which will not work.

Being obedient: You will always want your dog to listen to you, and follow all of your commands. The best way that you can achieve this is to use obedience training. It works by giving the same commands to the puppy constantly until they learn them. Make sure that you reward the dog with a treat when they carry out your orders and always tell them how good they are for following through.

Training the puppy to behave: You will not want to have a dog that tends to jump on the furniture or people when they are not supposed to. Behavioral training is the best way to keep them from doing those things. Use the same reward methods that you used with the obedience training and you will find that your dog is listening in no time.

Training your new Boston Terrier puppy is not difficult providing that you stick with the exact same routine each day. It will make the training easier and your puppy will be more well adjusted.

Boston Terrier Puppy Training: How To Train Your New Dog by Abhik Sarkar

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Training your Boston Terrier does not have to be hard when you follow the proven methods this breed responds to. Having a well behaved dog is as easy.

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