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>> 7/5/09

You might want to consider a premium diet when training your dog. A healthy dog will be much quicker in understanding you in training sessions than a less healthier one. And the basis for good health lays in premium food.

Depending on your budget you may or may not be able to feed your dog a larger proportion of fresh meat, but at least be prepared to spend enough for a good dry food. Here are a few things to look for...

When checking the label you'll find the ingredients are in a specific order. The more of an ingredient in the food contains the higher it is on the list. If corn is on top of the list it means that the food contains corn more than anything else.

One of the ingredients that you don't want for your dog, but found in many feed because they are cheap, are animal by products. When you see this mentioned on the label you might reconsider buying the brand. Higher quality brands might mention it on the label, but you'll find it normally at the bottom of the ingredient list.

By by products we mean those parts of the animal that are not intended for human consumption. By products are perfectly legal in dog food, but are low quality proteins and in the long run have a negative effect on the general health, skin and coat conditions of your dog.

Just as one indicator, dogs with healthy coats (particularly, long-haired breeds) will look shinier and shed less. Assuming proper bathing and brushing habits, of course.

Dog food experts will advice a big proportion of proteins (meat) for a healthy diet. Typically they will recommend meat (40%), vegetables (30%) and starch (30%).

Common meats used are chicken, lamb and beef. These provide readily digestible sources of protein - essential to healthy coats, muscles, etc.

Important for healthy bones are the vegetables that provide the vitamins and minerals. A good dog food can contain many vegetables, but especially carrots and squash are good examples of quality vegetables.

The best starch comes from brown or integral rice. Rice is an terrific carbohydrate, unlike other cereals like corn. Starch is broken down by the dogs stomach and provides energy and aids in cell repair.

Just like humans, some dogs have special diet needs. For example Golden Retrievers are sensitive to wheat products. And in general corn is the worst cereal you can find in a diet, because it is so hard to digest for dogs.

Avoid bad ingredients and when in doubt talk to your vet about the best diet for your dog. Especially when your dog has diarrhea, scratches a lot, or has flatulancy.

Some dogs will find dry dog food more enjoyable if prepared with a little water and microwaved for about 30 seconds. Feed dry is thought to add to teeth and gum hygiene.

Be carefull with treats. Even quality treats tend to have a high fat content. This is one of the reasons dogs enjoy them so much. One or two per day isn't harmful, but go for the quality brands.

The price difference between a supermarket food and a premium food can be high. But the investment in the higher quality brand probably compensates for lower veterinary bills and a much livelier dog.

You'll see it in your dogs eyes and notice a shinier coat. His pooh will be firmer, smaller and easier to pick up. It's a small price to pay for a healthy and happy dog.

Dog Training - The Best Training Diet by Daniel Varena

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