My dog won't Fetch

>> 7/2/09

Dogs will sometimes attempt to change the rules of fetch after the object being thrown is retrieved, and will run away carrying the retrieved objects. Dog trainers recommend in such circumstances to regain control of the game by turning and walking away from the dog as soon as the dog has retrieved the object

How to teach your dog to play fetch

Playing fetch is one of the ways many of us like to exercise and spend time with our dogs. Some dogs seem to take to the game in no time. Others lose interest quickly, become distracted, or trot away with the ball once they’ve chased it down. (I have often heard people say, ”Well, he’ll chase the ball, but he won’t bring it back.”) And then there are the dogs who bring it back, but won’t let you take it from them. Read more...

How to Get my Dog to Play Fetch

As part of the training to teach your dog to play fetch, start the syllabus by picking up exciting toys. A perfect example for an exciting toy is a squeaky toy. Read more...

Train Your Dog to Retrieve in Simple Steps

Next, throw the object a short distance away so the dog can reach it while still on the lead. As soon as you throw the object say the command “fetch”, it is important to say it once every time so your dog begins to understand what it means. Read more...

Teach Your Dog To Retrieve

Once your dog has the ball, or whatever object you are using, he should naturally run back to you expecting praise. Give him the “drop it” command and as you pet his head with one hand, take your other hand and pull the object out of his mouth and drop to the ground. Do this as often as you can. Read more...

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