Use These Successful Tips For Teaching Your Dog Tricks

>> 7/14/09

Teaching a dog tricks can be a very rewarding experience - contrary to some people's belief. If you have unsuccessfully tried to train your dog up until this day you might want to take the following tips into account. Changes are, you made a cardinal mistake while doing your dog training. But don't worry, you are not to blame since most people step into unfamiliar territory when first try to teach their dog a trick or two.

Dog behavior training the way we know is wrong.

The problem starts right in our own behavior. We tend to fuss over and cuddle dogs because we love them unconditionally, especially if the dog is our pet and not a mere guard dog. If we want to successfully train a dog to obey our commands we have to exude some form of authority - much like as if you were trying to raise a child.

Your best bet is to do puppy training with your dog when the pet is still young and teachable. However, having said this there is no reason why you can't teach an adult dog tricks. In fact, adult dogs can easily be trained with the right knowledge, attitude and patience.

Dogs are very intelligent and they pick up on our energy. So if you are stressed while doing your dog training your dog will pick up on that and simply not listen.

When training your dog you should never yell at, hit, punish or curse your dog in the process. Treat the animal with respect and it will be responsive to your dog behavior training. You should keep the tone of your voice strong, but not intimidating for your pet. The dog will become used to slight changes and act accordingly.

When teaching dog tricks you should also stick with the same command lines in order not to consume your dog in the process. It's important for your dog to do these tricks in different circumstances - when you are alone with him, when there are other dogs close by and when there are other people around.

The safer your dog feels with its environment, the stronger he or she will react to your teachings. When he responds to your training, reward him with ample praise and special doggy treats.

Typical dog tricks a dog will learn first.

Typically the first tricks taught to a dog are the "sit" and the "come here" commands. These are the bare necessities you should concentrate on if your dog has had no former training. These are relatively easy to teach if you keep the sessions short and preferably during the same time each day.

Animals are instinctual and they will soon get used to their daily training. Be authoritative during that time and stay consistent with the frequency of your training.

Consider joining a dog community.

Dog communities are great to help you with tips and tricks from those who have walked the walk before you. You will be able to immerse yourself in a pool of like-minded dog owners - people who are only very happy to help each other out.

Use These Successful Tips For Teaching Your Dog Tricks by Jason Creation

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