Training Your Dog To Swim Can Be Fun

>> 7/21/09

Many dogs love the water and enjoy swimming, which is a skill that comes naturally to most of them. That said, you shouldn't ever throw your pooch into water and expect him to know how to automatically work his feet and be an immediate star swimmer. Canines can drown and some of them can develop a fear of water if they are not introduced to it properly. Thus, if you would like for your pup to learn how to swim, here’s what you need to do:

1. Take him to a quiet pond or lake on a nice warm day and dress in your swimming gear. Bring an extra helper person with you as well as towels. Note: You can teach him how to swim in a pool if you happen to have one. However, if your pool does not have steps, you will need to provide him with a ramp or some other incline that will help him out of the water. Also, keep in mind that the liner of the pool has the potential to be damaged from your pet’s kicking claws and chlorine will dry out his coat and skin.

2. Leave your helper at the shore, pick up your pooch and take him out into the water. Stop once you are covered up to just past your knees.

3. Slowly lower him into the water. One hand should be securely positioned under his belly and the other should be holding up his tail. Once his feet are submerged he should immediately begin kicking. Release the hold under his belly but do not let go of his tail. This will keep him level and get him used to kicking.

4. Have the person at the shore call for him to come. When he starts to paddle towards the shore, release your hold on his tail and stay very close to him so you can quickly scoop him out of the water should he go under.

5. Once he makes it to the shore, reward him with pets and words of praise.

6. Repeat this process over and over again and gradually lengthen your distance from the shore as you become confident with his skill.

Training Your Dog To Swim Can Be Fun by Jess Spears

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Jade Brown July 22, 2009 at 3:37 AM  

Your tips to make dog swim is very interesting. I never thought of this before.

I will try this soon.


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