Impress Your Friends With These Easy Dog Tricks

>> 7/3/09

Impressing your friends with dog tricks is not only fun and easy, but gives you a definite since of pride. There are hundreds of great tricks that you can teach, but there is one thing that you must remember before teaching your dog any new tricks: obedience. A dog that is not obedient will not do any tricks. However, with the right amount of praise and a few doggie treats, your dog will begin to be on the right track. Therefore, it is very important that you teach your dog to do trick the right way.

Dog owners all over are probably already familiar with dog treats that are out on the market. If you aren't, you can go to your local pet store and purchase some. They should be small, low in calorie so that your dog doesn't get fat, and of course tasty. In addition, be sure that you only give your dog this particular treat when you want him or her to do a trick. Give your dog the same treat every time you want a trick to be performed. Otherwise, your dog will be confused and will not necessarily know that you want him to perform a trick.

Sit and Stay

The first trick is one of the best, not only to impress your friends, but to make sure that your dog is always exhibiting good behavior. It is sit and stay. The first thing that you should do is hold a treat far above your dog's nose, so that he has to look up to see it. As he looks up, one of his natural reactions would be to sit down. Tell him to sit, and move the treat further back from him. If he doesn't sit right away, gently push him into a sitting position, while repeating the word sit. Once he's sat, praise him, and give him the treat. Do this a few times until you are sure that he can do it on command. Then, move on to stay. This is a bit harder to do. What you want to do is place your hand flat in front of his face, almost in a "stop" type gesture. Tell him to stay, and start to back away. Even if he only stays for a few seconds, praise him and give him the treat. Keep doing this until you have gotten to the point where he will stay for as long as you want him to. The sit and stay is a great combination of tricks to use to impress your friends.

Bring Back

Another all time classic is to teach your dog to bring something back to you. Lots of people commonly use balls, sticks, Frisbees, or even socks. Almost every dog will naturally retrieve something if you throw it. Call their name to have them bring it back to you and give them a treat and some praise as soon as they do. This is not only a great trick, but is also a lot of fun for both you and your dog.

Impress Your Friends With These Easy Dog Tricks by Riche Goldmann

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Riche Goldmann is a pet enthusiast and has several pets of his own including a german sheperd, a bichon frise, and a goldfish. He likes to teach his dogs lots of tricks, but also likes to make sure that they are healthy and orders their petmeds from 1800PetMeds. They always give his dogs what they need and PetMeds even offers the generic forms of most prescription drug.

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