What You Need To Know About Effective Dog Training Tips

>> 7/4/09

Its true, anyone can train their dogs. Anyone. People who have said otherwise are probably using wrong techniques, are not consistent, or maybe have almost succeeded if they didn't give up just yet. Dog training tests your patience and perseverance but it's not without it's sweet rewards. You will have a richer and happier relationship with your dog while enjoying a clean home and active social life.

To understand more the groundwork of basic dog training tips, let us see the world through the eyes of our pet. Humans are sensible and cognitive beings equipped to correctly assess situations through logic, assumptions and basic reasoning. Our dogs are not as fortunate. They are lovely pets yes, but their comprehension is only derived from simple reactions and a consistent pattern of training they get from us. 'Come!' is completely different from 'Let's go!' and 'Come here!' from a dog's perspective. He might go to you after several tries but it's probably just luck and not real understanding you can work on.

Be consistent in educating your canine. Use the exact words you will use in training your dog basic obedience commands. This follows to every part of his training.

The main foundation of a healthy and fruitful relationship between dog and owner is the knowledge of your immovable position as the 'leader of the pack'. This doesn't mean you're being harsh and inhumane, but firm and strong. If you are the recognized boss, the dog will seek to please you which translate into good behavior and obedience.

Rubbing his belly is a tactic to enforce your leadership. It subtly teaches him submission and by licking your hand he acknowledges you as his authority. Do not in any way give in to his growling and whining just to settle any matter. Establish good habits and do not stray from it.

An insider trick to effectively training a dog is to allow him to teach himself. For instance, a dog is chewing an object not for him to chew on. One way of training is to reprimand him immediately and take the object away. A better method is to substitute the unfavorable behavior with a good one through unpleasant sensation derived from the incorrect behavior.

When the dog chews on a shoe, use a quick sharp squirt of a water gun to his face. If he resumes chewing, squirt him again. Now place one of his playthings in front of him. If he picks it up and plays with it, praise him enthusiastically. The dog will associate good feelings with playing with his toy and bad feelings when playing with the shoe.

One of the most overlooked aspects of dog training is the importance of canine socialization. Socialization is key during the first few months of the puppy's life but an adult dog still needs continuous interaction with humans and dogs alike. Fearful and overly aggressive dogs are usually the direct result of a lack in socialization. To ensure this doesn't happen, introduce your dog to people, crowded places, and other healthy dogs early on in its life.

As any parent would know, you discipline that which you love and care for. The dog training tips as outlined above will greatly help your dogs become the happier, best version of themselves. Nobody said it would be easy, but it will always be worth it.

What You Need To Know About Effective Dog Training Tips by Geraldine Dimarco

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