3 Dog Training Commands That You Should Teach Your Dog First

>> 5/21/09

Whether you are getting a new dog or beginning to work with an old dog, obedience training is a must! There are a number of dog training commands that are important to teach your dog. What dog training commands are the most important to begin with? The three most important dog training commands are: come, wait/stay, and let's go. These dog training commands are important for both a well mannered dog and also for safety. The three most important dog training commands:

1. Come: This command is vital and could really be a case of life or death in the event of an emergency. For this reason, come is one of the most important dog training commands to teach your dog. Your dog should be trained to understand to come to you on the first command, and although no dog is ever 100% reliable, you should work to be as reliable as possible with your dog. Come should always be trained in a positive and fun manner. Never be a kill-joy! Don't use come only to end the dog's fun. Instead, practice it LOTS with toys and treats and reward the dog as much as possible so that coming to you is always fun. Also, never get in the habit of chasing your dog when you need it to come. This only sets up a bad habit and makes your come very unreliable.

2. Wait/Stay: Another one of the most important dog training commands is wait or stay. Wait is about asking your dog not to cross an invisible or real boundary line until you have given it permission. Generally, it is best used when you want the dog to stay back from entry ways, such as the front door, or you want the dog to remain inside a car with an open door. Stay asks the dog to hold a particular position, like sit or down, and stay in a particular location. Teaching a good, strong stay means you know you can place your dog in a position and hopefully count on it to stay there.

3. Let's Go: Let's Go represents the last of the most important dog training commands because it is the phrase you give your dog on the walk. It represents for the dog a style of walking and lets him know when you are moving from one place to another. Let's Go should be a nice, looser leash walk that is controlled. A good Let's Go means your dog can walk reasonably well on the leash. Your dog understands this command means you are moving on, so it can be used to move the dog away from something it is currently doing. For example, if your dog is visiting another dog or person, and you are ready to move on, Let's Go tells the dog you are leaving and to follow you. These three dog training commands represent an excellent starting point in your training. These are the most important dog training commands to begin training with and to build from.

3 Dog Training Commands That You Should Teach Your Dog First by Nancy Richards

Nancy Richards has been involved with dog training for several years. Her website gives step-by-step instructions on housebreaking, dog obedience training, dog training commands, grooming, diet and care for all dog breeds.

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