Dog Out of Control? Dog Obedience Training Is the Answer!

>> 5/20/09

Dogs make excellent buddies, they are commonly regarded as "man's best friend" and without a doubt they excellently fit the bill. But what happens the moment your dog habitually disobeys your every command? And, what happens when you teach your pooch some dog obedience training, but you only get a growl for an answer?

The above mentioned scenarios are definitely frustrating for a dog owner. You maybe very keen to teach your dog how to behave as he should, but to no avail. So, before your dog claims the position of being master, now is the best time to teach him who the real boss is. This kind of introduction will help you draw the line between the leader and the follower.

With some dogs, obedience training can be an extremely difficult and challenging task but not impossible even with the most difficult dogs. This domestic animal wasn't really born dogged and unruly. A dog's significant reputation of being well-trained, reliable and companionable still towers above the down points. And so, regardless of off-putting and negative traits your pooch may possibly possess, the fundamental truth that they can still be tamed is something that you should focus on.

In this article, the focal point deals with common commands and orders use to train and establish compliance and obedience among dogs.

One of the most widely held basic commands in dog obedience training is positive reinforcement. For new handlers wanting to instill obedience of simple commands in their dogs can go for positive reinforcement training.

Positive reinforcement is used by rewarding the dog with treats for positive behavior. For instance, teaching your dog the basic "sit" command, if your pooch acknowledges your order and without much ado executes as you've commanded, a simple praise or a treat provides further encouragement and motivation to your dog. If he does otherwise, an easy pat on the rear will help signal your pooch to keep on trying.

Moreover, dog obedience training can also be performed through dog training collars. These types of collars are fast becoming popular among dog owners, as it makes way for easy handling and training. Contrary to reports that dog training collars aren't animal friendly and advocates dog cruelty, these collars serve as good foundation towards training your pooch to listen, obey and act upon.

Remember all dogs are trainable. The process may be lengthy and lingering, but the reward of obedience training for your dog the proper way is nothing compared to the frustration of having a dog that doesn't listen. Do yourself and your dog a favor and start the training today!

Dog Out of Control? Dog Obedience Training Is the Answer! by karl Hernandez

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