Obedience Training for Dogs Revealed

>> 5/7/09

One of the most important activities that you will ever do with your dog is to give them obedience training. While obedience training will not stop every behavior problem your dog may have, it helps pave the way for helping you to communicate effectively with your dog. It teaches them what you will not accept from their behavior and it gives them commands that you will use with them on a regular basis. It also teaches you the proper way to demand obedience from your dog.

Dogs that have not been properly trained often exhibit a wide range of undesirable behaviors, some of those include inappropriate elimination, fighting, aggression, barking, and destroying furniture and personal belongings. These types of bad behavior gradually get worse over time especially if your dog sees you as a weak leader. This makes training much more difficult and time consuming.

Obedience training will also set you up as the chief of the pack. This top dog status will make training a lot easier and your dog will thrive to please you.

When you start your obedience training you will need to remember to keep it fun for your dog. This will strengthen your bond and definitely make your relationship much better. Your dog will feel safe and loved; training them will bring you the success you are looking for in your dog.

If you are unsure of exactly how to obedience train your dog, you may benefit from using the services of a professional dog trainer. Professional dog trainers train your dog in the correct way making things much easier for you. You will learn proper commands and your dog learns how to obey them.

Training should always be fun and to the point. Don't draw out training as long training are actually detrimental to your dogs learning. Make the training as fun as possible, always include 1 or 2 of your dog favorite games. Stay consistent and firm throughout training.

Make sure that you offer rewards and treats when your dog accomplishes tasks correctly. This offers great encouragement for your dog and stimulates further improvement. Be careful to stay calm when praising your dog, if you get too carried away your dog will get excited and lose focus.

Affection and treats are a big part of successful obedience training. As a side note, always limit reprimanding your dog as this doesn't really offer any positives to the training and will in most cases only make the training less effective.

Effective obedience training of your dog will bring happiness to you and your dog. Always reward positive behavior and your dog will try to please you in return.

Obedience Training for Dogs Revealed by Craig Clemins

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