How To Deal With The Chewing Puppy Syndrome

>> 5/28/09

Puppies are so adorable, with their fuzzy little coat of fur, winsome eyes, natural curiosity, loving ways and playfulness. However, there is a caveat here. One of the down sides of this bundle of cuteness is that puppies absolutely love to chew.

But this cute little bundle come with an annoying syndrome that might pose a problem to you and other members of the family and that is the inherent habit of a puppy to chew and shred everything and anything that it could get its teeth on. When you puppy chews havoc on your favorite pair of expensive shoes or you kids most loved toy, it is time for you to put an end to his habit.

Before you embark on an anti-chewing puppy project, you should first understand the need and reason behind his obsessive habit. The main reason might be because he is teething and trying to relieve the pain by chewing on anything that takes his fancy.

Because of their high sense of smell they might want to have a go at the objects which has lingering scents of the family members or they might be trying to ascertain their position in the family. Or, he might be chewing with enthusiasm just because he does not have anything else of interest to do. Whatever the reason, if you do not put a stop to this bothersome behavior, your puppy will never outgrow his chewing syndrome.

You first step to take care of this problem is to visit a local pet store and purchase some pet toys like hard rubber balls, fake bones, strong knotted sisal ropes and squeak toys. Once you have this loot in front of him, all you have to do is make him realize that this treasure trove is his and everything else in the house is yours.

Keep a close watch on him and the second you see him going for one of the household items, admonish him firmly with a Bad Dog! or No! and lead him to a restricted area where he can stay alone with his toys for some time. This place can be his kennel or a cardboard box big enough to hold him, where he can have a go at his toys.

The only punishment you should administer to your chewing puppy is the disapproval in your voice, followed by leading him to his own toys in a restricted area. This can be as simple as a large cardboard box or as fancy as a dog crate. Let him have his own toys and chew to his heart's content. With this simple process, he will eventually learn what belongs to whom!

How To Deal With The Chewing Puppy Syndrome by Brad Davenport

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How To Deal With The Chewing Puppy Syndrome by Brad Davenport

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