The Pros Guide To Puppy Training

>> 5/27/09

Having a new puppy in the house is very exciting and fun. Everyone will want to touch the puppy, everyone will want to play with the puppy and everyone will want to feed the puppy. When you first bring your puppy home, you should take note that you are taking the puppy away from the mother. We know, your puppy is an animal and that is what animals do, but believe it or not, your puppy was used to the mother. This means your puppy is going to be vulnerable, so for the first couple of weeks, in order to go through successful puppy training, you should keep the puppy on a routine.

Once your puppy is on that routine for the first couple of weeks, we believe you are not going to have any problem. After about a month of sticking to the same routine, your puppy will begin to get used to it. This means, when you will need to do everything at the same time in the same order.

You wake up, your puppy gets some water, you take your puppy for a walk, your puppy comes back in, he or she eats and drinks, then she plays for a little while, goes back outside, takes a nap, etc. That's only half the day for your puppy.

Everyone has previously agreed that the puppy should not be jumping on them, but during the excitement, no one even notices the puppy is jumping on them. So there you are, the puppy has won and got to sleep in the bed and the next morning, there is puppy odor all over the bed from urinating. Therefore, the following night, the new puppy is in the crate and there he or she sits, yelping all night. No one in the house gets sleep.

We know you are very excited right now about your new puppy, but if you hold the puppy training off for a week, even a couple of days, it will be even harder to get your puppy into the routine you need him or her to be in.

When you're learning how to train your puppy, you need to make sure you don't allow your puppy to do other things, during the training sessions, he or she will get used to that routine. For instance, if you allow your puppy to make his or her own routine, they will begin to think what they are doing just fine. Allowing your puppy to sleep in your bed is probably a big no no. Instead of your puppy sleeping in the bed, he or she should try to sleep in his or her own bed or in a crate.

Whenever you see that your puppy is chewing on something, you should make sure you take it away from the puppy immediately and put something that belongs to him or her in front of the puppy. For instance, when you see your puppy chewing on a shoe, take the shoe away, point at him or her and say "no." Then hand the puppy one of his or her toys and pat the puppy softly. After a couple of weeks, you will see that your puppy is learning to chew on only the chew toys.

You should take note that puppies will need their sleep, just like you. Once you've learnt the real technique of puppy training and you have mastered it, you will be able to tell by the obedient dog that is sitting in front of you.

Learning how to train a puppy will make your life a whole lot easier as you build the bond of friendship between the two of you. At we cover the works from potty training puppies tips to dog obedience commands and even simple tricks. You are welcome to reprint this article - but get your own unique content version here.

The Pros Guide To Puppy Training by Gillian Mortenssen

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