Dog Training - Training Aids Tools and Techniques

>> 5/6/09

Dog Training Tips

You may think that dog training aids are out there for you to spend money and not actually reap any benefits from. That is not the case. Dog training aids are there to help you succeed in teaching your dog, this could be teaching him obedience, agility or any other type of teaching you want to do. There are many aids available but only a certain few will work with your dog and his temperament... Read more

Dog Training - Using Training Aids

In this video, Carla Nammack-Wenger shows you dog training techniques and leadership skills, showing you the proper use of some training tools.

Carla Nammack-Wenger is the owner of Country Club Kennels & Training located in Fauquier County, Virginia. She is also the founder of The Chance Foundation, an all-breed, non-profit dog rescue organization specializing in taking in abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and providing them w/ medical care, socialization and training in an effort to find them permanent, loving homes. Carla has been training dogs of all breeds and temperaments since 1991.

Labradoodle Advice - Dog Collars, Leashes and Harnesses

When it comes to training dogs, the proper equipment can make all the difference. If scanning dog supply catalogs, dog websites or the aisles of your local pet emporium makes your head spin wondering what is right for Rover, read on... Read more

Some Simple and Basic Dog Training Aids

There are some actual items you can purchase that can be used as dog training aids and some are more effective than others. Choke collars and chains are being discarded by dog training experts as not only abusive but downright ineffective... Read more

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