Learn Socialization Tips For Your Puppy Now!

>> 5/14/09

The earliest days after a new dog joins your family are exhilarating times. Everyone is adjusting and getting used to all of the new excitement. This is the time when you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to properly socialize your new family member. Your dog will stumble upon many different situations throughout his life and it is better for everyone if he learns early on how to react in an agreeable and healthy manner.

Puppies can get going to learn socialization skills as early as 2 to 3 weeks after they are born. Most people who get a new puppy get them at about 7 or 8 weeks old and they should initiate socializing them as soon as possible. Puppies tend to be more frightened and tentative up until the time they are 14 weeks old so during this time make sure that you are tender with them.

Socialization is a ability that should be trained throughout a dog's life. Different situations and circumstances can have an effect on a dog and he can change from affectionate and outgoing to shy, afraid or even threatening. That is why it is critical to train socialization skills throughout your dog's life. Permit him to practice a variety of situations, numerous people and other animals.

Acquaint your dog with other dogs and other animals. You can do this at a neighborhood park or even a doggie daycare. If you have friends with pets, visiting them is always a enjoyable way to socialize your dog around other animals. Make sure that your dog is at all times up to date on his vaccinations but it is imperative for him to be around other animals.

People who arrive to your house regularly should all be recognizable to your dog. That would include the mailperson. Introduce them and let your dog get familiar. If it is possible make sure that you take your dog around many diverse people, as it will add to his social skills immensely.

Dogs are natural pack animals and they will re-establish the pack in their brand new home. This means that it is critical that humans are always seen as the foremost member of the pack. When a human speaks the dog should follow, every time, no matter what. The dog is the follower and the humans are the leaders.

Socialization should go on throughout the life of your dog. Your dog needs to constantly come across new situations and new people and animals. He will be less likely to develop problems like biting and fighting if he is well socialized.

Your dog training will be more successful and you and other people will get pleasure from your pet more if he is properly socialized and well-behaved in the majority of situations.

Learn Socialization Tips For Your Puppy Now! by Mike Z Jones

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