7 Dog Obedience Training Tips to Help You with Your Dog

>> 5/11/09

Training your dog is perhaps the most important thing you should do not only for your puppy but also for yourself. Obviously, dogs are animals, and without proper obedience training, they will indeed behave like animals! After all,
wouldn't you teach your child the difference between right and wrong? Likewise, if you want to develop desirable habits in your puppy and at the same time prevent undesirable behaviors, you definitely need to provide your dog with good
obedience training.

Here are 7 dog obedience training tips that can help you along the way:

1. First of all, you need to get your dogs attention before you start training him.

2. Start your dog training sessions as soon as your dog arrives at your home. While you can teach old dogs new behaviors or tricks, keep in mind that what is learned
earliest is often learned easiest and fastest. For that reason, start training your puppy early on.

3. Teach your dog only one command at a time, and do not move on until he understands the trick you are trying to teach him. A few minutes of dog training on a daily basis is all that is required.

4. Train your dog with love, kindness and respect because this method will certainly create a good relationship between you and your puppy.

5. Reward your dog for his good performance over and over again. This is a valuable approach that you must follow when you are providing training to your puppy.

6. Reward your dog by treating him with lip smacking things, and by exclaiming to him "Good dog" in a satisfied voice. Recompense your dog each time he follows your command, particularly when he is learning a new behavior. After that, you only need to reward your dog's best behavior.

7. Have fun with your puppy on a regular basis. This could actually make it simple for you to develop a deep bond between you and your dog.

7 Dog Obedience Training Tips to Help You with Your Dog by Ernst Cayemitte.

Ernst Cayemitte is a contributing author and writes articles in several subjects including dog training. The tips included in this article are the keys to effective dog obedience training. To learn more about Dog Obedience Training, please visit http://dogobediencetraininginfo.com/

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