Dog Training and Why It Is Important

>> 5/22/09

Dog training is no simple process, and it can very easily push your patience to the limit. But keep in mind that the tough part does not last long. Shortly afterwords you will be able to enjoy letting your dog play and run without any misfortunes or incidents. You will be able to relax and enjoy time with your dog after its obedience training is complete. However, the first steps up are the steepest, so to speak, when it comes to dog training in the home. Keep in mind that is is very important to get all the help that is available to you.

Even though it may be frustrating and seem like a never ending process, housebreaking a dog and training it in commands is just one of those things you have to do. If you give up on the training you will find that there could be a lot of serious consequences to face such as: destroyed furniture, accidents all over the house, aggressive behavior as well as biting.

In order to make sure that you are giving your dog the best chance at a happy and well-behaved life then you have to be the strict parent of your pet. You have to teach the dog right from wrong with dog training. Sadly there are people who assume that dogs automatically know the difference between right and wrong but this is simply not true. The problem with that assumption is that dogs only know what their instincts are and this is why we as the owners have to take advantage of dog training. The dog’s instincts do not know what the human rules are about being allowed on the furniture.

We, as the owners and the teachers of the pets, have to slowly and patiently walk our pets through dog training in order to teach them the way we live. Your dog wants to please you but until you teach it how to, it will be at a loss. Dog training will teach the dog the behavior you want it to have. It will also show the dog how to receive your affection and little extra treats every once in a while.

Sources For Dog Training Advice

* Class

* Book

* DVDs

* Special Issue Magazine

Although there are a lot of wonderful dog training classes out there that will teach you about housebreaking and dog biting, it is important to know that these classes are mostly for information. Miracles will not be performed during these classes. The real work will take place once you are at home with your dog. Everything that you pick up from the dog training classes has to be enforced at home as this is where the magic will happen.

When you are dog training it is best to get a hold of any book, DVD, etc. Ensure that you pay attention to all the advice you receive and apply it wisely. Some breeds of dogs are easier to train than others so it is difficult to put a universal time frame for successful completion of dog training. With persistence and consistency, you should see results from the dog training very soon.

Dog Training and Why It Is Important by Gus Sanabria

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