Drop It Command

>> 5/9/09

How to Teach your Dog "Drop It"

How to teach your dog the drop it or give command with Missie, this was her first time ever learning the command.

Basic Dog Commands

The drop it command is used when your dog something in his mouth that you want him to let go. The best way to teach this is by trading with your puppy... Read more

How To Train Your Dog to Release

It only takes a few minutes to teach most dogs the release command "drop it". However, some dogs can become easily distracted, so be patient and persistent. The idea behind this training method is to basically offer your dog a trade - "let go of the object in your mouth and something good will happen."... Read more

Teaching Take It, Leave It & Drop It

When a human says DROP IT, they really want you get whatever you have out of your mouth. When a dog is learning to DROP IT, he is not just going to spit it out when a human says those words... Read more

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