How to Stop the Dog from Digging

>> 5/26/09

Dogs absolutely love to dig, some more than others. If you have a backyard then this spells danger for you. You dog can literally dig holes all through your yard in an afternoon if he gets the urge to do so.

Some dog owners have resigned themselves to the fact that their dog will dig up their yard regardless of what they try, others decide they won't tolerate it.

Many dog owners have gone through great lengths like installing an electric fence around their gardens. The fence is not very expensive and the low shock is relatively safe for you dog, it will mostly scare them away and keep them out of the garden. If you have children, and they should touch this fence, you will not have to worry about them hurting them as long as they have on rubber soled shoes. Additionally you can just turn it off when the dog is back inside the house. Anyway the dog will be staying away from your garden from now on.

You can try placing foul moth balls throughout the garden - this is a technique that is very effective but also has a downside. First, the positives: your dog will hate the smell of these and stare clear of the garden, they are also totally harmless and can be hidden out of sight. The only real downside is that you'll need to replace these from time to time, especially it it's been raining.

Another way to keep your dog from destroying your garden, is to use a new method, this is a sour apple spray that can be sprayed all over you yard on a daily basis. It can actually be used on any of the things you would prefer the dog not to touch. The reason this is such an effective method is because your dog will hate that taste of sour apple in their mouth and will not want to chew on anything that they find this taste on. Also after a while of tasting it on that object they will associate the object with the taste and stay away for it instinctively.

Dog's dig because they are conditioned to do so. Its in their blood. If you work consistently to stop your dog digging using the tricks mentioned above, you should be able to almost totally eradicate the problem.

Be sure to put your foot down and become inventive with things that can be repeated on a regular basis to ensure that the dog learns what you want to teach him. Be patient and loving but be firm with your pet and life with your dog will be the better for it.

How to Stop the Dog from Digging By Craig Clemins

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Craig Clemins is a long time dog owner and experienced dog trainer. Find out more about How to Stop Dogs From Digging today. For expert advice, read this Secrets to Dog Training Review.

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