Training Your Dog To Deliver to Hand

>> 5/23/09

Force fetch training is training your dog to fetch or pick up a dummy, bird, or other object on command. The purpose of force fetch training is to prevent the dog from dropping the birds, having a hard mouth, and create a disciplined behavior.

Start your lab pup by never allowing them to drop the dummy or bird. The behavior you are looking for for is the delivery of the dummy or bird to your hand. You should start this behavior at an early age. When the puppy is retrieving never advance to the puppy. Stand still or take a step back as the pup returns to you with the dummy. Puppies naturally love to chase and be chased. If you go to the puppy as he is returning in the retrieve he will have a tendency to turn and playfully run from you.

Use the former and move away from the pup a step or two as he retrieves the dummy. Attach a 6 foot length cord to the puppy's collar. When the puppy comes to you, crouch down and gently place your hand under the puppy's chin to reinforce the holding of the dummy. Praise the pup as he holds the dummy in his mouth. Then take the check cord and guide him to the heel position. After the pup is in heel position with the bird or dummy in his mouth praise and reward the dog.

Repeat this exercise until it becomes a natural sequence for the dog to fetch, hold the dummy, and take a heel and sit position. Do not take the bird or dummy until the dog has completed the series of steps and is in a heel sit position. We recommend you use a canvas dummy. Using a plastic dummy increases the probability that you will have problems with the pup not wanting to deliver to hand. Plastic dummies are slippery when wet and not as comfortable for the dog to carry. If you want to learn more about Thorncreek services contact Diane Koontz at

Training Your Dog To Deliver to Hand by DIANE KOONTZ

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