Best Puppy Training Secrets

>> 6/22/09

Dogs are the most preferred pets by majority of the population ever since the beginning of history. They have proven themselves to be efficient, loyal, highly intellectual and trainable in various tasks. They can be sweet and meek to their owners but ferocious to total strangers. This makes them a perfect companion for those who are single and unattached as well as to couples who are just planning to start their own families. People from all ages can also quickly adapt to the presence of an adorable canine.

Studies show that a dog's behavior as an adult is a result of his breeding and training. Because you can't do anything anymore about a dog's breed since it is an inherent part of his personality, you just have to make sure that he was trained well in his younger days so that you won't be experiencing any attitude problems when he is already a full grown adult. This is a big consideration to mull over when you want to get another puppy in the future. Here is a list of puppy training secrets that you must know in order to have a well-mannered pet in the future.

Before anything else, you must first establish a good rapport with your pet. Do not immediately start ordering difficult tricks that will make him want to scamper away with his tail between his legs. Set the mood first by playing with him, cuddling him and stroking his tummy. When he seems to be well rested and relaxed, you can start the drill by taking away his freedom. This might sound harsh but you have no choice if you want to impose discipline in his life.

There are a lot of ways to do this but the most common includes putting a leash around his neck, placing him inside a kennel or positioning him in a crate. It is expected that your dog would howl in protest. At times, it may be too annoying that you would want to stuff his mouth with a ball of socks. However, remember that all this seemingly vicious acts will gain benefits. Try to be immune to this kind of suffering. Remember, you only want what's best for your dog. The end justifies the means, as they often say.

Second, teach him a simple trick followed by a treat. The treat could come in the form of a small chewable bone or a piece meat. Just like the classic conditioning method by renowned psychologist Ivan Pavlov, they will learn to associate the new trick with food. This will stroke their interest and whet their appetite for more food.

Third, you can go the opposite way of the second step and let your dog learn through the negative conditioning process. Instead of giving a nice reward, teach him the power of the words no, stop and don't in a strong and authoritative tone. They will distinguish that it is something significant in relation to your voice.

Fourth, you have to be unswerving in your reward or punishment. When you either of the two, make sure that it is appropriate to the excellent job or the awful deed. Variety should be avoided at all cost or else your dog will develop some kind of a crisis. The same premise applies to all the people in your household.

Lastly, give plenty of alternatives. If there are chores that your dog can't easily do as told, like not peeing on the plant, then provide another option like giving him a pee box. This will shift his attention and result to a more favorable attitude. Don't be such a strict disciplinarian all the time that you will take the fun out of this training exercise. Have fun with your pet dog.

Best Puppy Training Secrets by Miyagii Moto

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