Techniques to Stop a Puppy from Biting

>> 6/2/09

Having a puppy is a fun experience, but that experience will sour if you don't give it proper training. For example, it may never grow out of its puppy habit of biting. People ask me from time to time how to get their puppy to stop biting, and I always tell them that this is a puppys natural behavior; young puppies like to bite and chew.

Only when a puppy's biting gets too much should you think of ways to stop your puppy from biting.

A good method to stop a puppy from biting is a simple obedience training, and it involves water. For this to work, you should be around the puppy enough to identify when it does its bad behavior, so you are always there to punish it as necessary. If you're often at home and can spot its actions quickly, this proves to be very effective; otherwise, it doesn't work, and you may want to look at other solutions. Basically what you do is just get a water sprayer and spray the dog lightly with water the moment it does something wrong.

This will only work if you are around the house a lot, and can be around your puppy enough to keep an eye on it, and punish it the moment it behaves badly. Also make sure that you catch the puppy in the act of biting before spraying it, otherwise it wont work, and the puppy wont understand the punishment.

Yelping is also a great technique to make your puppy stop biting. The yelp approach is effective for puppies that bite you or other people, not random objects. When your puppy is biting you, just yelp, instead of being angry or saying a firm NO at your puppy.

This makes use of the pack mentality, and it makes the puppy think that by yelping, they bit you too hard and will stop biting. This is very effective in getting puppies to stop biting, and it also doesn't confuse, pressure or intimidate your pet.

Another great technique is to use orange peels around the house. Dogs don't like orange peels for some reason, and you can put orange peels on items your puppy likes to bite to make it turn away from that object. White pepper is also an effective substitute.

Anyway, these techniques presented above are effective in preventing your puppy from biting, but do remember that most puppies outgrow biting when they reach maturity. These techniques presented above are only supplements, to make sure your puppy does outgrow the habit.

Techniques to Stop a Puppy from Biting by Joe R. Hilliard

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