How To Stop A Dog From Digging Methods

>> 6/15/09

If you have a dog, then you already know that it can be very rewarding. However, you also probably know that dog digging can be incredibly annoying to deal with. This nasty habit has driven every dog owner up the wall. These people will most likely spend several weeks ripping their hair out trying to teach themselves how to stop a dog from digging.

If you have lady luck on your side, then you will not have a difficult time stopping your dog from digging. Unfortunately, there are other people that will go through hell and still fail. If you need some additional help, you should carefully read the techniques listed below because they have helped some dog owners succeed and keep their sanity.

One of the last things that you want to see around your lawn are random holes. If you want to prevent this from happening, you should begin by figuring out why your dog is digging in the first place. A very common reason why a dog will begin digging is because he is simply bored. You can prevent boredom from occurring by just spending time with him each day. Talking to your dog or playing with him can help prevent the onset of boredom. You can also try brushing or petting him if talking and playing fails.

The scents coming from your yard can be another reason for dog digging behavior. Dogs use scents as a means of interacting with their surroundings. Your dog may want to explore these scents by digging around the vegetable garden or flower bed in your yard.

If you place a sprinkler in your yard, you might be able to stop random holes from showing up in these areas. Just turn on the sprinkler whenever you see your dog digging in an area that you do not want him digging in and the water should have him running scared. He will eventually give up digging in this area if you shower him with water for a long enough time.

If your canine has a digging problem, do not be surprised if you find holes under your fence. It is very common for canine owners to find holes dug under the fence. There are good reasons why your dog wants to dig under the fence.

The first reason is because your canine may want to just go out for a walk which makes sense because all canines want some exercise. A second reason your canine might want to dig a hole under your fence is because your dog might find something in your neighborhood such as another dog or a smell really appealing and want to get to it.

You should not let the holes under your fence worry you too much. Luckily, there are straightforward solutions to this problem that you can try using that will prevent you from going crazy. Walking your canine around the surrounding areas on a daily basis is an easy and cheap solution that has worked in some cases. This works because you are allowing him to explore the neighborhood which will give him the chance to satisfy his curiosity about a certain smell or another dog.

Even if your dog does not dig, walking him everyday is a good idea. Just because it is a good form of exercise for dogs and it gives you and your dog some more time to get to know one another.

If the first option does not work, you can also try pouring some concrete right at the base of the fence. Once the concrete dries, your dog will have a difficult time trying to dig through this new barrier. Eventually, he will give up digging under your fence just because it will be futile and to spare his nails.

How to stop a dog from digging is a common question that many frustrated canine owners will unfortunately have to find an answer to. If you have read this article carefully, then you realize that there are many ways to stop your canine from populating your yard with holes. If the solutions provided by this article do not solve your problem, you might be able to purchase a hardcover book or ebook that will give you the answers you need. There are many resources out there that might be able to provide you with the correct solution. Whether you find it now or later on will depend on how much time you are willing to spend looking for it.

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