Dog Biting Problems - As Serious As It Can Get

>> 6/5/09

Out of all the dog behavioral problems, biting is considered to be the worst and the most serious. Even if your dog goes on the couch quite often, it might not present you as much problem as from a biting behavior. Some communities insist on putting the dog down if he bites someone severely. If your dog has a biting problem it can even mean the end of his life. So you have to take immediate action to solve the biting problem of your dog.

On the other hand, biting problems are common and quite normal in case of puppies. This problem arises mostly during their teething period when they have an uncontrollable urge to chew and bite on anything and everything. Though a puppy bite might break your skin it will not pose any other serious problems. However, this is the right time and age to train your puppy not to bite ever again

You don't have to be cruel or give harsh punishments to train your puppy. They are very sensitive creatures and all you need to make them repent is a firm No! or a censorious Bad Dog, whenever they try to bite you. When your puppy bites you, pull your hand away and repeat the firm phrase again and again which will make him realize that he is hurting you.

Most often a dog bites due to some psychological reasons. A dog takes a bite not just because he wants to hurt something or someone. They also bite to hold on to something or they bite a person or another dog to warn them of something, or they bite just for the joy of it. The best way to break the biting problem of your dog is to start early, when he is still a puppy.

But then, some dogs are naturally aggressive and bite because they are inherently temperamental. To take care of such dogs you have to send them to an obedience school.

You have to take this problem very seriously and take steps to find the best help. Getting help from professional dog trainers are probably the only option to solve this problem.

If you have a pooch with biting problems in your neighborhood, the best defence is to be prepared with a bottle of pepper spray that is specially formulated to combat biting dogs. Never hesitate to use the pepper spray if any dog tries to bite you. Or, you could opt for a friendlier approach by offering a beef jerky.

Dog Biting Problems - As Serious As It Can Get by Brad Davenport

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