How You Can Stop Your Dog From Licking

>> 6/7/09

For some dog owners, they consider licking as a form of love and attention by their pet dog. However, it can be quite annoying and irritating when there are guests coming into the house and your dog is trying to welcome them with excessive licking.

Even though dog licking is not something that is as dangerous as jumping or aggression, it is still not an appropriate behavior for a dog. It might also cause you embarrassment and your guest might feel uncomfortable in the presence of an over friendly licking dog.


Consistency is probably one of the most important tips that a dog owner should follow, from the time the dog is still young. You should teach your dog to behave to you the same way you want your dog to behave towards other people.

For example, if you allow your dog to jump on you, your dog will be confused as to why it is not okay for him to jump on others. If you allow your dog to lick your hands or face, your dog will be confused when it is not allowed to lick other people's face or hands. Regardless of the type of dog training, consistency is the key. You want to show your dog the expected behavior, and then reinforce it consistently.

Although as a dog owner, you will feel wonderful that your dog is licking you when you arrive home, showering you with excitement and a whole lot of attention, there are many other ways that are more appropriate for your dog to show you attention and excitement other than licking. 1 simple way to stop your dog from licking you is to turn away each time he tries to lick you.

You shouldn't pay any attention to him or establish any eye contact with your dog when it is licking you. Only when your dog has stopped licking you will you start to give him the attention he wants and praise him for the correct behavior. If your dog likes to lick you on your hand, you should stop your dog from licking by pulling your hand away from the dog and not giving him any eye contact until he stops doing so.

With the reinforcement of proper behavior, you are also training your dog not to lick other people who visits you. Since your dog knows he is not going to get any attention from you by licking you, he is unlikely going to lick other people.

The owner should also tell the individuals that visit the home what to do if the dog tries to lick them, demonstrating and reinforcing the same behavior the owner uses to stop dog licking.

How You Can Stop Your Dog From Licking by Andyl Hannerl

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