Free Bark Buckle UP Pet Safety Kit

>> 6/25/09

Bark Buckle UP is offering a free pet safety program to teach and promote pet safety while traveling with our pets.

"Bark Buckle UP campaign educates pet parents on how to put on and take off safety pet belts and the importance of securing their pet safely for travel."

"The Bark Buckle UP Pet Safety Kit was designed to protect your pets if you are in an accident First Responders will locate the pet safety kit in your glove box and call your contacts to come get your pet plus inform them you have been in an accident.

• Pet emergency information
• First responder decal
• Shots and other records
• DR. pet advice
• Veterinarian information
• Pet travel safety tips"

To request your free Bark Buckle UP Pet Safety Kit, visit the Bark Buckle Up website and register now.

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