Trying To Stop Dog Chasing? What You Can Do

>> 6/16/09

There are many different problems that dog owners have to address with their dogs. Some of these involve barking problems, digging problems and even jumping up on people.

There is no best way to solve these issues except to prevent them before they even happen. In order to accomplish that, start training your dog when he is still a puppy. You want them to be obedient and exhibit the proper behavior with consistent reinforcement.

Another training issue that sometimes comes up is to stop dog chasing since it can be dangerous to the dog as well as the individuals involved. There are different methods to use to stop dog chasing and preventing this issue requires that the individual be consistent with whatever method he chooses to use.


One way to stop dogs from chasing cars is to never allow the dog to be outside without supervision and a leash. Dogs should never be allowed to run freely outside since they endanger themselves and others when they come near the road.

Even if the individual lives in a rural area where there are not many cars, the dog should be trained to stay within its yard, or territory, so that it does not get into the road and cause an accident. This will also stop a dog from chasing individuals that come around the dog's territory.

Allowing a dog to chase people or other animals is endangering the dog and the other people or creatures. This also helps to create aggression in the dog, something that dog owners do not want to foster in their family pet.

Every time your dog is chasing you or trying to play with you, you do not want to give any positive reinforcement to your dog. Although chasing each other might be very fun but you are actually cultivating aggressive behavior in your dog as well as chasing behavior. No dog owners will want that to happen.

The method to stop dog from chasing is not to run away from a dog when he is trying to play in this way. You should be turning your back to your dog and not to give any attention to your dog when it is displaying this behavior. Once your dog decide to calm down, then you can start to pay him attention and praise him.

One other method you can use to reinforce a good behavior and stop a dog chasing is to tell the dog to sit if it starts to chase you. Only when the dog obeys and sits down will you start to give him your attention. Doing so will help to reinforce the positive behavior and avoid other negative behaviors.

Trying To Stop Dog Chasing? What You Can Do by Andyl Hannerl

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