How to Easily Stop Dog Aggression

>> 6/3/09

Aggression in dogs is a very serious and potentially dangerous problem in most dogs. However, the problem can easily be solved by having dog aggression training.

Every year millions of people experience the pain of being bitten by a dog, in most cases, the victim is a child.

Aggression in dogs can be brought about in a number of ways. Sometimes the environment that they live in plays a big part, while other times they inherit aggressive behavior. Some breeds are more likely to be aggressive than others, Akita's and Bulldogs are fine examples of this. As dogs traditionally live in packs, they are also built to fight for the top position and sometimes do this using aggression.

The most important thing is that you understand this particular behavior and work towards actively training them to stray away from these aggressive tendencies. If you take the time to establish yourself as the leader of the pack, your dog will be more likely to follow your leadership, than if you simply give in to the dog. Once you give in then you can expect some of those aggressive behaviors to become worse and for some of them to be geared towards you.

A few different causes of dog aggression include fear, and to protect their home. They are also usually extremely aggressive to other dogs especially if they are the same sex. However, no matter what type your dog of aggression your dog has, you will need to start their training as soon as possible.

The first thing you must do in order to stop the dog from being aggressive is to start your dog socializing with other dogs and people as soon as you can. Some people say that the trainings should not start till your dog is over a year old; however it would be much better to start this training while the dog is roughly about 3 months old. If the problem is in an adult dog then you will need to learn some aggressive dog training ideas for older dogs.

You should know that your dog is able to learn what you have to teach them, especially when aggressive behavior is involved. If you would like to train the dog to remain calm and follow your commands, you will want to be consistent, patient and above all you will need to be the leader of the pack. You will also want to learn how to reward good behavior and to give praise that is calm and will make them feel like what they did needs to be repeated in order to get the same treatment.

When training an aggressive dog, do it slowly over time. Don't expect results from one day to the next and always be prepared for your dog to lash out. If your dog is showing too much aggression, consider taking him to a vet. Underlying medical conditions may be causing the aggression.

How to Easily Stop Dog Aggression by Craig Clemins

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