Crucial Training Techniques For Dogs

>> 6/26/09

Dogs have long been identified as "man's best friend. They do make excellent companions and superb family pets. But to be a respectable doggy resident and a noble family pet they need to be well trained.

You ought to set off training your puppy for obedience as soon as he arrives at your house. The training will be ongoing until he is about a year old and then while he may be considered "fully trained", you will still need to work with him to keep his skills razor-sharp for the remainder of his years. A well-trained dog is a pleasure to own and a delight to be around.

The number one rule of dog training is that you must be the "alpha dog". Some people may not like that term but the truth is that dogs are pack animals and they expect to have a leader. You must be the leader and all of the human being members of your family must outrank your dog in the pack order. Dogs will do everything for the leader of the pack so that must be you.

Never let your dog to demonstrate domination. He must wait for his food until you are done eating. This is a subtle but necessary thing. You must also never let him jump on you or other people either.

Never let your puppy do things that would not be suitable for an adult dog. This includes jumping and nipping at you and other persons. You must be consistent when you train a dog because they cannot deduce like a human being. A dog will not realize that it is tolerable to jump on you in your play clothes but not when you are sporting a business suit. Consistency is vital in dog training.

A crate will make all of your training easier. Dogs in reality want a comfortable and cozy place that is their own and they feel safe and secure in a crate. At the beginning your puppy may whine but you will need to just leave him there and he will adjust. A crate will make housetraining and obedience training both much easier.

Your dog's safety is dependent upon him being able to recognize and abide by the commands of "sit" and "stay". There will be times that you will need to control your dog in order to avoid the problems of running off or jumping on the people that visit your house.

You will most likely also want to train your dog to walk on a leash and to heal and after the basics you can move on to the entertaining things like fetching. Well-trained dogs make the best pets so be a responsible pet owner and teach your dog well.

Crucial Training Techniques For Dogs by Barry Reyes

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