Tips To A Successful Dog Training

>> 6/25/09

To transform a puppy into an obedient dog that your whole family will appreciate is by using proper dog training techniques. Dogs, like kids, need to know and understand the rules of the house and will need to respect their owners.

When owners fall in love with their pups cute little face, they tend to forget that if no proper training is given, these little dogs will chew up the furniture they have at home and make a lot of mess on the carpet. A lot of puppies find their own share of trouble, and it is the owners responsibility to use his time to make sure that his up grows up to be a well behaved dog and will give joy to the whole family. Here you will find some tips on dog training.

Making The Rules

First thing that you need to do in training dogs is making the house rules. The sooner you start, the more successful your training is going to be. This just means that if you wont let your seventy pound hop on your bed at night, your ten pound puppy should not be an exception, not even once.

You can never say that it is too early to train your pup to not go near your furniture or not jump on your guests. Before taking your pup home, help your family understand and make them prepared to enforce the rules that you want your dog to follow and obey.

Being Consistent

Once the rules have been set, it will be up to you to maintain consistency in enforcing them. Every time your puppy breaks a house rule, he should be reprimanded with a sharp "No!" and shown the proper behavior.

This goes to all aspects of dog training which would include house breaking and shoe chewing instead of him chewing on his toy. Like children, dogs learn the rules fastest when they are imposed without failure. The problem that an owner would encounter is the time and the patience spent on being consistent. However, being consistent in dog training will not only save your time and effort but your shoes as well.

Offering Positive Rewards

When Scruffy does follow the rules appropriately, it is important to reward him for his good behavior. Effective dog training will use positive reinforcement much more often than punishment to produce desired results. At the beginning of the process, rewards might include an edible treat. As your pup gets the hang of the dog training process, rewards can move to praise and positive attention when your dog obeys your commands. When you provide positive reinforcement on a consistent basis, your puppy will soon learn that it is to his benefit to listen and obey your instruction.

Dog training is not complicated. But for you to have a positive result, you will need to exert patience, time and consistency in the process. Always remember though that after all the effort and time, everything will be worth it especially when you see your family enjoying the company of your dog.

Tips To A Successful Dog Training by Andyl Hannerl

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