Easy Ways to Deal with Inappropriate Elimination in Dogs

>> 6/24/09

A very common problem that dog owners are experiencing with their beloved pets is inappropriate elimination. Usually the main reason that there are so many dogs in the animal shelter is because of urination and defecation problems that their dogs experience.

In order to address inappropriate elimination you'll first need to know the underlying reasons that are causing the problem. A range of reasons exist for why dogs lose control of their bladders - if you take the time to unearth the main reason for your dogs problem you can then work towards fixing it.

Excitement is one of the most frequent problems that leads to inappropriate elimination. Dogs that are both young and old can easily fall into the trap of peeing while excited. Puppies may at times urinate when playing and not even realise they have done it (because they are so excited).

Make sure you don't punish your puppy if he urinates when excited. Given that he may not even know he has urinated will cause confusion for him and only make the problem worse. As your dog gets older he will start to develop better bladder control and in most cases the problem will fix itself.

In order to stop your dog from experiencing excitement elimination, you will need to prevent him from becoming excited. In doing this you must find milder forms of play and taking him away from the situation when play or activities get out of hand. This should curb instances of inappropriate elimination.

The next problem is called submissive urination, where the dog feels he must submit to the stronger leader by urinating and showing himself as the weaker pack member. In this case the owner becomes the pack leader and the dog is showing that he is the weaker member.

Submissive urination is in many cases due to mistreatment of the dog at some stage in its life - most likely via physical abuse. Its actually not a problem that your dog is submissive, only in the way he's displaying it. Try to teach your dog other ways to show his submissiveness. One example is to get your dog to lick your hand - this is a common way dogs demonstrate that they see you as the alpha dog.

If you want to quickly solve your dogs submissive urination problem you can do it quite easily by simply ignoring the problem. This works well because your dog begins to think there is nothing wrong and will gain confidence.

Inappropriate elimination is a serious problem and not always easy to solve. If you are willing to be persistent and stick at your training regime you will get results. In the case that you don't get good results, take your dog to a vet or consider using a professional dog training guide.

Easy Ways to Deal with Inappropriate Elimination in Dogs by Craig Clemins

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Craig Clemins is a long time dog trainer who is very experienced in solving all types of dog obedience problems. Craig rates Secrets to Dog Training as the number one dog training guide, read his Secrets to Dog Training Review now or visit http://www.dog-solutions.com for more information.

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