Shih Tzu Training Made Easy

>> 6/19/09

One problem with training a shih tzu is that they will always beg for food while you are eating. To solve this problem simply sit them in their own area, away from the table, until you are finished eating. This will take several attempts, but eventually your shih tzu will take the hint and do it on their own. Remember to reward your shih tzu by giving them a treat afterward or their own delicious meal.

Body language plays a major part in how your shih tzu will react to your commands. Using body language properly will allow you to train your shih tzu a lot quicker. It also will help stop negative behavior in its tracks.

If your shih tzu's behavior ever upsets you the worse thing you can do is chase them. They think that you are playing and will continue to run. Also, they will not understand when you scold them because they thought you where playing a game with them.

When it comes time to give commands to your shih tzu take note of your posture. You should stand almost like a marine with your chest out and head back. Also, speak in a firm voice. This will let your shih tzu know that you mean business and the shih tzu will have more respect and also be slightly intimidated. This will help in the training process.

Shih tzu's tend to get wound up like a top easily and your reaction to that will determine whether or not this behavior worsens or improves. If this occurs make sure you act the opposite by moving slowly and using the same behavior that you want them to display. This will relax the shih tzu and start to change their behavior almost immediately.

Retrieval training is also a fun task to take on. The best way to take care of this first step is to use little bits and pieces of dog food or dog snacks. Take out the food and just sprinkle two or three treats on the ground. Do not let your Shih Tzu dog run to eat the food too fast. In fact, you should first train him or her to sit and stay until released, and then you point to the ground and say "pickup", "pickup".

Now repeat the process and every time you drop a piece of food simply use the same command to "pickup" and your shih tzu will quickly associate that with putting something in their mouth. This training usually doesn't take long at all especially when using things your shih tzu loves to eat. Try doing it when they are hungry to speed up the process.

When your shih tzu is less than one year old make sure you confine them to one room in your living quarters. You might even want to use some child safety equipment until you are comfortable that they will not get into any trouble while you are away.

Shih Tzu Training Made Easy by Rachel Simon

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