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>> 6/4/09

Clicker training is the process of training your dog using a clicker simultaneously as a conditioned reinforcer for the behavior just performed, and a cue that a reinforcer can now be acquired. The primary tool used is a small mechanical noisemaker called a clicker, thus the name "clicker training".

Clicker Training: What’s all the Buzz… I mean Clicking About?

The Idea: Clicker training is a psychology driven training method that relies on instant positive reinforcement of a wanted or desirable behavior. Desirable behavior is marked by using a “clicker” which tells the animal EXACTLY when they’re doing the right thing... Read more

Kenai the Clicker Boy…by Lisa Harmon

There’s nothing you can’t teach a dog with a clicker and goodie bag they say, and I believe that... Read more

Common Dog Clicker Training Myths

People who do not understand exactly how the clicker is used in the training process and what the ultimate goals of clicker trainer are, often have misconceptions about the process. Clicker training is one of the easiest, fastest and most positive methods of training around... Read more

Clicker training – Methodology

The trainer clicks the clicker and simultaneously or immediately thereafter gives the animal a reward, usually an unaccustomed, tasty treat, one small enough to be consumed almost instantly... Read more

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